Choosing the right sink for your kitchen

Choosing the right sink for your kitchen

It is often said that the kitchen is the heart of a home.  You want your kitchen sink to be a reflection of your style, while still maintaining functionality and durability of daily use for many years. Kitchen sinks are available in many shapes and sizes and choosing the right one for your home can be an overwhelming process considering the extensive array of choices. You will have your new sink for many years to come, so you will want the right knowledge to choose carefully.

Kitchen sinks come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and materials as well as different installation types. You must also determine what your usage will be. To help you, we have provided some helpful tips below on how you can choose the right sink for your home.

Understanding Different Sink Configurations  

It is important to know your needs and how you plan to use your sink in order to find the style and configuration that will best accommodate. You can go with a traditional, single, large rectangular basin, or a double basin in which each side is the same size that is ideal for family use for regular hand washing, food preparation, and rinsing. Also, the double bowled sink, that one side is considerably smaller is ideal for a garbage disposal. You may also be interested in a three-bowl sink that is designed to have two larger bowls flank a small center bowl that houses the garbage disposal. Understanding the different configurations and options available will help you determine the best option that meets your needs.

Determine the Number of Bowls You Need

Sinks are available with the option of one, two, or three bowls. They can be either deep or shallow or a combination. A single bowl sink is ideal for washing dishes and basic use, where a two or three bowl sink allows for multi-tasking. This option is great for someone who wants to get the most out of their kitchen and prepares and cooks food regularly. This style often features many attachments, such as a chopping board that allows you to utilize more counterpace.

Choose a Shape and Size

The space and size of your kitchen is a primary factor in helping you determine a sink that is a good fit. Sinks are most commonly designed in a rectangular shape, but there are also circular, and kidney shaped designs. Make sure to measure the area that your sink will go to make sure it will fit in your counter. All sinks are not created the same.

Know the Installation Type

The manner in which a sink is installed will have a huge affect on how it will function and look.  There are drop-in sinks and self-rimming that will have a visible rim mounted above the counter. There are also under mount and recessed sinks that are flush with the countertop. This style offers an extremely hygienic option and glamorous appeal. Alternative options include an apron or farmhouse style that has an exposed decorative panel that shows character and style.

Make finding the perfect kitchen sink for your home an enjoyable experience. The aforementioned tips and knowledge will help you make the right choice to meet all of your needs, and the heart of your home will be complete.